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Therese Lim, born in Bellflower, California, in 1992, is a graduate of art at California State University, Fullerton, with an emphasis in Graphic and Interactive Design. Her interests include professional equestrian competitions, video games, movies, reading, nature, and pets. 

Therese has developed a video game called Airship Rebellion using the software Game Maker. Her video games have been developed through her personal experiences.

Therese is also in the process of getting her first book published, titled Dreyma: Enter the Dream, and has several short stories published on DeviantArt. 

Therese's art ranges from traditional to digital. She dabbles in photography such as animal photographs, still life photographs, and nature photography. As for traditional art, Therese paints or sketches subjects such as animals and fantasy-inspired works. Her digital art follows the same subject matter. 

Therese, her mother, her grandmother, her fiancé, her dog, and her birds. All live close, and she enjoys splitting her time in the Orange County and LA County area.

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