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Dreyma, a world living in a victorian era with advance technology and magic. Founded by the vikings and populated by many people from ancient cultures to the victorian period. However, years ago this world was at peace after a raging war. Despite this, the land Rangvaldr was cursed by the king of Audun. Before the curse, a spell was placed by the Three Elemental Mages. That is where the story begins.On Earth, two cousins Ashlynn Elders and Gareth Mills go to college in the state of Virgina. Ashlynn is at her wits end as to what she wants to do in college while her cousin has it all figured out. One day after school they are led in a wild goose chase by a mysterious masked figure that takes them back to the train tunnel as kids. They soon end up in the world Dreyma. They meet a family recovering from the lost of two of their family members, Ellie Hayes and Dorian, who were murdered. Peter Lawford, a young man with the power of icy fire, two mysterious brother by the name of Professor and Admiral, and two sisters Cora and Kate who own a courier business. Together they face a witch, a ruthless king and fearsome monsters all while learning what happened to the land of Rangvaldr and the people involved in the curse. Will it be possible to save a land that maybe able to save the world of Dreyma? And if they can't will Earth be affected as well?

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